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Permacultural Living – Return to Wholeness

The ideal systemics of permaculture exist in the mind of god as the one and only permanent solution to the perils faced by this planet at this perilous time.

Do you understand the principles by which this rings true?


If so then you will overstand the simplicity that permaculture presents.

It is natures ideal systems working in unison with the true needs and requirements of man.

Permaculture does more than simply the most with the least..

It does everything that we need, and it does it with a degree of efficiency that is unknown to man artificiallly bolstered efforts.

It creates living interconnections that integrate every layer of the living fabric that surrounds and envelopes us in its ultimate sustenance.

To know permaculture is firstly to know ourself. The infinite void of all possibilities that is us. That is our world, our universe and ultimately our pristine nature.

Driven to evolve we grow every means to every necessary need that is whole and true.

We create the environment in a symbiotic relationship, a union of matter and will which intertwines with our soul matrix and releases from limitation and bondage all the potentiality that is inherent in our environment.

Think of it this way: Permaculture is our way to living on earth within the mind of god. Not, fighting within it. We are not here to fight nature, and firstly that requires that we get over the petty emotionality of aggression towards ourselves and each other.

When it has been said to wage love not war.. It is simply the first principle of permaculture that we are expressing. Do unto ourselves that which is love, and share that energy of love with our surroundings. Love yourself, love the land that sustains you, and love the true nature of being that we as a human race and race of sentient beings are.

Permaculture is a love of the land, and ourselves. That love is expressed as joy and will, and it reflects purely back upon us from the nature that surrounds us. Walk with love upon the land and feel the love that flows back from the earth and sky and all that is beyond that dimensions as well.

That love is the first nutrient of our sustenance. The first ingredient of our rising expansion and co-creative recipe for peace and everlasting life on Earth.

The next ingredient is the antidote to the primary poison.. greed..

The antidote is self-sufficiency and wholeness. Not lacking..

In abundance there would perhaps be no greed, however this must be taken even farther to alleviate the great illness that has befallen mankind from the contaminant of greed, avarice, and selfishness working together to create expansive limitation.

In nature there is not greed, but there is radical balancing, that often looks like excessiveness and disbalance.

When seeing the full spectrum of the dynamics at play, we should take care to see that we already have an environment out of balance, and stressed adaption are at play trying to rebalance the equation already. Naturally.

If the soil is depleted and or drugged up with chemicals, weeds will consummate and send deep taproots and spreading rhizomes to bring things into balance..

But they need the time and space to do their job. Al the whilst we watch them from our timelines and expectations, thinking of ways we can control or erradicate them..

This is not permaculture. This is war against the very nature that is trying to rebalance the equation.

A well manicured lawn does not want to be a well manicured lawn.. we want it to be that wa, and more often than not we will fight any efforts against it.

Let us think for a moment about what nature wants.

Nature wants harmony and diversity. It wants a lush forest and meadow of wildflowers and weeds (medicinals), shrubs, grasses, trees, fungi, and fauna.

Look at the pristine natural areas of the world and you will see what it wants.

Why do we feel so out of place in such pristine living environments, is because we have devolved into a need for santized environments.. Places not filled with pollen spores, microbes, fungi, and insects..

We are a weakened organism that has slowly isolated ourselves from the true natural environment for too long.

So for us, permaculture will entail discipline of a new kind. A kind of rewilding. One that will re-adapt us to the earth, the dirt, the microbes.. a whole body symbiotic rebalancing that will ultimate require that we eat pure foods, and live in whole environements.

Busyiness is the scourge of our human spirit.. we are not meant to be so busy with mundane and trivial pursuits that lead us to the pathways of overproduction, and over consumption.

We need to relax in nature and feel the loving sustenance that it holds out to us.

It gives us great opportunity for production and consumption but all within the natural cycles that time itself will unfold in the right measure if we are open to relax the beingness of our existence.

Perhaps for many the unbearable heaviness of being, leads us to complexity and confusion as to what should be done for the greatest good. But ultimately we know that the greatest good is accomplished when we do not let others grow and package the food that we need. Self organizing principles prevail in nature as they must in human nature as well.. but that does not preclude the fact that we are over productive in the wrong ways and over consumptive to boot.

This is a world out of balance when we try and play by our rules and not by the rules of nature and its laws.

What are the laws of nature. Nature creates the primordial flows that cycle, re-uptake, integrate and co-create magnificent symbiotic relationships of diversity and distribution.

Everything in this world is either a naturally represented reality or one that is secondary or tertiary to the prime directives. The distortions occur at the unfathomable levels of tertiary and quadranary effects of artificialities that we as folliable mankind have created to represent our desires and wants. We wanted polyesters, we pushed aside hemp.. we wanted quicker mobility and greater frieght, we gave up walking and running, carrying and hauling for cars, trucks, planes, trains, tractors, and railroads.

All of these artificial means to our extended ends, to meet our demands for more, have landed us in these perilous times.

And as many have all together said, that either we stop and look and see.. Re-access, and recalibrate the true needs and repurpose the rights means,.. or…

We begin the long and painful road of decline, and ultimate self destruction of our world.. that world that is us.

Let us pray that we see the light of the situation and grasp the potential of positive change rather than letting go and embracing apathy and denial.

And this is where permaculture becomes the positive change that we need. Again. As it was, so shall it bee if we hope to succeed and remain here on this planet in love.

The choice is ours. We do have the potential to embrace a new dawning of consciousness, and a new dawn of enlightenment. We can settle down and rebalance..

And if we make that choice then one thing begins the new world.

That one thing is healing.

And just as we may think of permaculture as the earth healing itself through our lovingly whole and happy efforts, permaculture enables us to heal ourselves and humanity.

And again it is all about wholesome and benificial relationships.

We do not poison the bees, pollute the waters and sicken the soils. We foster the rebalancing of pristine environments and we begin our new relationship with nature, again.

Why is permaculture the ONLY solution?

Everything else, leads to unwanted tertiary and quadranary effects..

When we do something thinking it is good, its secondary effects are not always positive, and next level of unforeseen effects can be even worse, and beyond that the fourth level of effects can be downright devastating.

But rest assured, that permaculture is the only way forward to a permanent civilization and habitable planet.

Look at agriculture.. well at first it was permaculture, and the disavowment of the self-sufficiency principle lead us to the road where farmers would begin to grow our food for us, and then cities popped up with the large scale mono cropping that ultimately depleted our lands so much that new breeds of plants had to be engineered to deal with the chemicals the land was thought to need to be productive enough to supply the demand of so many not producing their needs themselves.

Now god only know where that would take us, if Genetically Modified plants and organisms begin to hybridize everything around them into un-natural selections. But luckily god does not play dice as Einstein says, and the universe is always rebalancing the equation with natural selection of even un- natural entries.

So, why do we need to be self sufficient in our food and nutrient and medicinal needs..?

Because not doing so, lead us to this state of being… relatively unhealthy as a species.

We eat dead and denutured, packaged foods, go to doctors for un-natural prescriptions, and deny our bodies need for wholesome goodness and love.

Not to mention, the poor animals that we have domesticated to process our plants into higher complexities of nutrients which when eaten slowly burn out our organisms and cause most of our accelerated aging and disease.

So why do we need need permaculture?

Because permaculture allows us to create perennial food forests that produce wholesome abundance that all people can partake in to heal and sustain themselves in perpetuity.

Everything else leads to malficiency, desease and decay.

The decline of civilizations was always factored by health, food, and relationships to the land.

The word resources should always be carefully considered. Especially as we look through the clarity of permacultural ways. Resources are not to be used without deep and careful consideration. Water, wood, minerals, and the air we breathe are primary resources.. that need our deepening stewardship and love.

First of all we do not need to create more.. We need to recycle, repurpose, reduce, and reuse.

We don’t need to produce more metal, more plastic, more garbage.. we need to recapture the streams of products that have low quality and built in obsolescence and recycle them into long lasting, high quality objects that last a lifetime, and even generations of use. They just don’t build them like they used to.. well thats for sure.. High production facilties in China and elsewhere around the world, create quantity at the expense of quality, and the result is over stress on the resources and environments that we rely on. That ultimately stresses us as humanity because we have to dedicate more time to work to make money to keep buying the things we don’t need that eventually will breakdown or become obsolete and unrepairable. It’s an un-natural vicious cycle.. not a harmonious and natural one.

We are often led astray by advertising and media that signals to us that we need this and that when we really only need one thing, and that is quality.. whether it is a tool or a bowl of food.

The issues are complex. There is no doubt about that.. and it would take a copious volume of new of old treatises to sort it all out, but luckily we don’t have to go that far to understand the predicament.

We either embrace permaculture as a species or we run out of options, deplete everything and pollute ourselves out of existence..

Is that clear, or have we befuddled everything even more. Perhaps I should have just said.. permaculture is the only solution..

So next time I will..

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