Permacultural Living


Permaculture Consulting

Do you have land?

Do you see a restorative vision for it?

One that creates whole cycles and nourishes your family abundantly?

Would like to bring the land back to life and connect with the earth directly through a vision of wholeness and harmony?

We can consult with you and show you another way to begin connecting to your land … a way which fosters an intimate, soulful and heartfelt real-ationship to the land and the planet by direct hands on experience.

The earth is here to support and nurture us, and by helping your land restore itself with love, you are re-creating the vision of paradise.   You are healing and nurturing yourself, creating a space of love.  You are restoring the earth for generations to come.

We help you with:

Seeing a big picture vision of sustainability and regeneration

Understanding flows (water, air and land contours)

Inter-species relationships

Resource redistribution

Identifying wild edibles and seeing the treasures of your wild spaces

Creation of your own unique sustainable transition plan

Connect with our team and we will show you how simple it is!!!


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